Rookie Ferrets


Rookie Ferrets is the first leg of a multi-layered NFT project that focused on its own brand and community benefits, created by an experienced team.

Rookie Ferrets; which will be launched on the Solana blockchain network, its main goal is to bring a new perspective to the NFT industry and to create a long-term E2E ecosystem by using the benefits and unifying of NFTs.


Rookie Ferrets is collection that include 2222 unique pieces, drawing byprofessional illustrators.

Collection contains different species with different rarities.

 Every species has its own specific benefits.

Each NFTs in collection has unique items. There are also different items between different types.


Poppies are the most common ones. They will give its owner the stake opportunity, early access to the second project and specific roles on the community.


Weasels are the rare ones. They will give every benefits of poppies and discounted price on the second project , opportunity to join Giveaways and drops.


Manes are the mistik ones. They are kings and queens of the projects that comming back from death. They will give every benefits of Weasels and Free Mints from upcoming projects to its holders.


Phase 1 [Q4 2022]

Building Community on Twitter and Discord. Chroos-chain collabrations. Making AMAs. Giving Aways Whitlists and OGs. Presales and Public Sales.

Phase 2 [Q1 2023]

Live Staking System On our Website. Giveaways for Holders. Raffles, Auctions. Metaverse.

Phase 3 [Q2 2023]

Announcing second leg of the project Giving Wls, OGs and Free Mints to the holders of first project Collabrations and giveaways for seconda project Presales and publicsales for second leg Tokenomics with sustainable supply/demand balance.






Community Manager